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De belangrijkste punten uit de UVH met betrekking op uw reservering.

Cancellation The communication in written form by the customer to the hospitality business that one or more stipulated hospitality services shall not be used, either in full or in part, or the communication in written form by the hospitality business to the customer that one or more of the stipulated hospitality services shall not be provided, either in full or in part.

If a reservation for accommodation alone, whether or not with breakfast included, was made for one or more individuals then in case of cancellation of the said reservation the following percentages of the reservation value are applicable that must be paid to the hospitality business by the customer (unless stipulated otherwise in writing). Hotel Victoria offers a special courtesy arrangement for its guests, offering free cancellation up to 2 weeks before arrival!

In case of cancellation:

  • More than 1 month before the start date 0% - Free cancellation 
  • More than14 days before the start date 15% - Free cancellation at Hotel Victoria!
  • More than 7 days before the start date 35%
  • More than 3 days before the start date 60%
  • More than 24 hours before the start date 85%
  • 24 hours or less before the start date 100%

A hospitality business may always, for any reason whatsoever, reject the conclusion of a hospitality agreement, unless this kind of rejection exclusively takes place on one or more grounds that are qualified as discrimination in section 429 quater of the Dutch Criminal Code.

Any and all offers made by a hospitality business regarding the conclusion of a hospitality agreement are subject to contract and the proviso “whilst stocks (and/or capacity) last”. If the hospitality business relies on the aforementioned proviso within a reasonable period of time after acceptance by the customer then the intended hospitality agreement is deemed not to have been concluded.

A hospitality agreement concluded for a guest (guests) by intermediaries (shipbrokers, travel agencies, online travel agents and other hospitality businesses and the like), whether or not in the name of their business relation(s), are deemed to also have been concluded at the risk and expense of the said intermediaries. The hospitality business is not liable to pay a commission or bonus, by any name whatsoever, unless expressly stipulated otherwise in writing. The guest (guests) and the intermediary (intermediaries) are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the amount due.

The hospitality business is authorised to always, without taking a notice period into account, terminate the provision of hospitality services to a guest if the guest acts in breach of the internal rules and/or the rules of conduct or otherwise acts in such manner that the order and the rest within the hospitality business and/or the normal exploitation thereof are disrupted. As the occasion arises the guest must on demand leave the hospitality business. If the customer otherwise fails to fully comply with his obligations vested in the same vis-à-vis the hospitality business on any account whatsoever then the hospitality business is entitled to suspend the provision of services. The hospitality business can only exercise the present authorities if the nature and the seriousness of the violations committed by the guest give, at the reasonable discretion of the hospitality business, sufficient cause to the same.

The customer and the guest and those accompanying the same are jointly and severally liable for any and all damages that are and/or shall be inflicted on the hospitality business and/or a third party as a direct or indirect result of an imputable failure to comply and/or an unlawful act, including a violation of the internal rules, committed by the customer and/or the guest and/or those accompanying the same as also for damages that are inflicted by an animal and/or a good of which they are the holder or that falls under their supervision.

The customer is liable to pay the price stipulated in the hospitality agreement. The prices are mentioned on lists that are placed by the hospitality business at a location visible to the guest or were included in a list that is, if need be as requested, presented to the customer or accessible to the customer via digital sources. A list is deemed to have been placed in a manner visible to the customer if it is visible in the commonly accessible areas of the hospitality business.

As long as the customer has not complied with all his obligations vis-à-vis the hospitality business in full the hospitality business shall be entitled to take possession of and keep any and all goods that the customer brought along to the hospitality business until the customer has complied, to the satisfaction of the hospitality business, with all his obligations vis-à-vis the hospitality business. Apart from a right of retention the hospitality business is, as the occasion arises, entitled to a right of pledge on the relevant goods.